We want happy students in a contemporary environment! We want profitable businesses with a certain and secure model of development! So, we have created the KLS-KNOWLIFESKILLS language and computing centres !

The greatest competitor for every foreign language school is its own self: the old-fashioned teaching methods, the overused expansion methods, the outdated business models. If you want yourself an ally instead of an enemy, forget what you have learned so far! Motivate your creative entrepreneurship and enter a new, active environment. Enter into a whole new world. KLS-KNOWLIFESKILLS is your first step. We will take the next steps together. KLS – Languages & Computing

«A franchise company can be founded by many! However, not all of them have the vision when they do so, fewer can communicate their vision to their partners and really few are the ones who create the product with a difference, the product which comes to cover a need in the market, not to mention the moment the market is ready for such a product. Most of the times, though, only one can actually manage to fulfill it. The leader!»