About Us

KLS is an innovative development model in foreign languages and computing, providing exclusive programs in foreign languages and computing for all ages and educational goals, all the recognized foreign language or computing certificates, covering ages from pre-school children up to business levels.

KLS-KNOWLIFESKILLS centres operate under the prerequisite that ‘I learn if I take pleasure in what I do’. Based on this elementary principle, we have created unique material for all the basic European Languages taught in our centres, so as to turn learning into a game and language into speech, this way ensuring that the student communicates through what he is taught. The use of technology in education is essential, so all teaching material in our schools is organized to be used either with computers or with interactive whiteboards, turning the classroom into the everyday environment of today’s students. In the field of computing, all skills are taught through projects and assignments, showing especially our young learners that I learn things which are useful to me, and as a result making every computer implementation comprehensible to students after repeated practice and exercise.